Every seafarer sooner or later asks the question "how to obtain the Marlins Test Certificate", because knowledge of English for this profession is simply necessary - there should not be a language barrier in the international team on board the vessel.

"Marlins Test" is an international test for knowledge of English that seafarer must obtain as per UK MCA recommendations. The Marlins Test was first founded in 1994 for merchant seafarers. testing questions were developed by educational specialists in collaboration with experts at marine and shipping industry.

Today Marlins is trusted all over the world - the largest crewing companies request this particular certificate. Marlins Test - is suitable for everyone, regardless of their position or nationality. Questions are randomly selected from the database, which eliminates the possibility of two identical tests. The result is a sample of nearly 2,000 questions and assignments. Before passing the test, it is advisable to check your level of knowledge of English - you can get qualified advice and pass trial testing.

The original Marlins test consists of 85 tasks/questions of different marine subjects, which are divided into 6 points. At the beginning of each paragraph, it is explained how to work with it and how many points a correctly completed task will bring. The test takes 60 minutes. Each company has its own passing score according to the results of the Marlin Test. Usually it is 70-80%.