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The recruitment process at "B&B LLOYD" begins once we have received your CV application.

Easy to apply

If you have not yet submitted your application, please apply using our online application form by clicking here.

How do we handle your application?

As an initial step, we will evaluate your application together with our identified vacancies.

If we find that you qualify for an open position, we will continue to screen your application immediately. Applications that do not match a vacancy at this stage will be kept on file, and we will screen your application and contact you in due course when we have an open position that may be suitable for you.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will invite you to our office for a personal interview.

If you live far away from our offices, we will conduct an initial interview with you over the phone.

The first interview is with one of our recruiters. In this interview we will also ask you to perform a CES test, an English test, and other tests which our client requires. We only accept tests which are taken in our office.

Following the interview with the recruiter and the testing, all officers will also meet with our senior captains or chief engineers for an in-depth interview about your knowledge, experience and leadership.

In this interview you will also have the opportunity to request more technical details about the vessel we wish you to join.

If you apply for a senior officer’s position, you will also be interviewed by our senior management.

In many cases our clients will also require an interview with you. Usually this interview is carried out via Skype.

As a part of our screening process, we may contact your previous employers in order to obtain a reference.

Validation of documents

All the documents and certificates you submit will be checked for authenticity in line with our company’s and the client’s requirements.

We will also initiate a background check and/or ask you to visit our crewing office, if required.

Please download our Application Form and follow next steps at recruitment process page.

IMPORTANT - Recruitment process

B&B Lloyd - Crewing Agency - is expanding and needs qualified marine navigation officers, marine engineer and marine ETO/Electricians for all available positions. The personnel on-board, must share common values of dedication and diligence towards maritime safety and safe working practices.

As a matter of policy, we do not advertise all available positions on our company website. However, we do encourage seafarers interested in getting employed through us to submit their application through our website.

To apply, please submit your application electronically. If you wish to send in your resume, please limit it to three pages or less. Note: Keep your attachments to a minimum and please do not send in scanned copies of certificates or documents unless we ask for it.

We cannot guarantee employment. However we will keep you on our database and inform you of openings until you ask us not to do so. If you re-apply after having been interviewed, please inform us that you have visited us before.

We receive a large number of resumes and applications each week. While we would like to acknowledge each and every one of them, it is an allot time consuming task. Under normal circumstances, we will contact you within 1-2 weeks of receiving your application or resume. However, it may take us longer than that to get in touch with you after some time when opportunity arises.